What Has God Already Provided? Book

Why this book? It’s simple really. We are all kids at heart and kids love a good story. Especially the ones about our parents and grandparents when they were young – the silly, goofy, dangerous, flat-out-wrong and incredibly right things they did that made them who they are today. And we love to hear the stories more than once. “Dad, tell me the one about when Uncle Mike went rock climbing with his friends and broke both his legs,” and “Mom, tell me again about the time when you told Nana, ‘I love you too much.’” We all love a good story…a good true story. Advertisers know this because every TV commercial and billboard is telling you a story in the hopes you’ll buy their product. Even video games are a story: think Candy Crush Saga! What is a Saga but a very long, ongoing story. However, there is something wholesome and binding-together in the telling and hearing of family folk tales. With life as hectic and fast-food-driven as it is these days, we’ve almost lost the magic of sitting around the table together and sharing the story of our day. This book, then, is dedicated to helping families not only remember their good-old stories, but also create a family celebration day in which to share them. So, “Why this book?” It’s to help your family discover who you really are and why you are gloriously, uniquely and wonderfully made to fit together so perfectly.

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