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You know how some days things just seem to go perfectly.  The sun and birds are making music.  There is a cool breeze in the afternoon – in May – in Phoenix!   You are filled with energy and when asked a question you pop off exactly the right answer with wisdom and deep thought.  Well…last weekend was like that for me.  Saturday, Sunday and even into Monday.  I could do no wrong.  In prayer I spoke intelligently and with emotion.  In emails I was rockin’ it.  I even finished three talks for a retreat I’m speaking at in record time…and they are good, too!

Then I read Job 38 & 39 as part of my yearly Bible reading plan.  Turns out I didn’t hang the stars and I don’t know where the lightning is stored.  I cannot make water turn to ice without a lot of help from the freezer.  I cannot cause grass to cover the barren fields.  Nor can I tame the lion and make him eat his veggies.  Basically I’m helpless without the infilling of God’s grace.

So today, Lord, as I tackle whatever lies ahead of me, please keep my cocky spirit humble before You.  It’s all about you, Lord…it’s totally All About You!

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Cari is a respected women’s Bible teacher, curriculum writer, and retreat and conference speaker. She has a unique way of bringing the ancient truths of the Bible to life and helps others to see His truth through her animated story telling style. Cari has been married 47 years to “One Great Greek”. They have 3 kids, 3 kids-in-love and 8 Amazing Grands.

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  1. And, this does not even count the time you slipped in those boots you looked so good in. Yes, I am here to help you stay grounded. 🙂

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