It’s Your Day

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I’ve never b2007 Spinners Quilteen one to spend hours on my knees in prayer.  I do, however admire the few people I know who do.  I am more a pray-all-the-time sort of person.  Or I have convinced myself I am.  But recently a friend challenged me (thanks, Jeanie) to pray for one family member per day. Emailing them to let them know and asking if they have any specific requests for the day.  I was so inspired and convicted by this idea.  How in the world did I get to be this old and not have a kid-a-day prayer habit?

I have 3 kids, who each have a spouse.  That’s 6 days taken…emmmm…Oh, my Sweetheart.  He will make 7 people and 7 days a week.  That works!

It was a Thursday, so I decided to start at the top.  I wrote my oldest son Peter’s name on the calendar and told it to remind me once a week with no end in sight.  Then I wrote to Peter and told him my plan and asked how I could pray for him.  He didn’t waste any time getting back to me.  I copied his response into my weekly reminder and I was off to the races.  On Friday, it’s his wife Stephanie.  Then my daughter Bethany and her husband Joshua on Saturday and Sunday.  And our youngest, Michael and his wife Baily on Monday and Tuesday .  I finish my ‘prayer’ week with my Sweetheart, Ted on Wednesday.  Then it starts up again without skipping a beat.

Here’s how it happens.  At 8 AM, a little reminder pops up on my IPad or phone.  It always makes me smile.  “Pray for Michael” it said today (it’s Monday).  So I think about my baby boy, his smile, how he parents and the loving way he treats his beautiful wife.  And I start an email to him that says ‘it’s your day’.  A few sentences – and maybe 3 minutes later – I press send.  Then I hit the snooze for 2 hours on the reminder and when it goes off I pray for him again.  Just briefly – not hours and hours.  Hit snooze again and trust technology to remind me to pray for him all day long.

I’ve been doing this a couple of months and it’s wonderful.  Each kiddo has responded so positively to ‘their day’.  They almost always send thank you’s and ‘how did you know I needed pray for that today, Mom?’ responses. It’s really quite remarkable how simple the whole process is.

Being remembered – especially in prayer – is like a hug when you didn’t expect one to come.  It can make you smile the rest of the day.  It even might get you praying for someone else.

I encourage you to give it a try.  Do you have 7 kids?  7 Friends?  7 Neighbors?  7 Siblings?  What can it hurt to pray for them – to give them the gift of ‘prayer for a day’.  WOW!  Someone do that for me, please and thank you!!!

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