Cari has known she was a teacher since instructing her imaginary students how to make the perfect mud pie at the age of 5. But she didn’t really believe  God could make that dream a reality until 40 years later when: cancer, a heart attack, a death & a crippling injury – all in the same year – got her attention. As she says, “I realized the clock was ticking and I wasn’t doing what God created me to do. In fact, I wasn’t doing anything at all!”

Today, Cari is a respected women’s Bible teacher, curriculum writer, and retreat and conference speaker. She has a unique way of bringing the ancient truths of the Bible to life and helps others to see His truth through her animated story telling style. Cari has been married 47 years to “One Great Greek”. They have 3 kids, 3 kids-in-love and 8 Amazing Grands.