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paia bayFor six years, our daughter and her family served the Lord in Hawaii (tough duty, I know). One day she and I were walking along the beach at Paia Bay and she started picking up this small shiny shell like thing. We talked about them and realized we didn’t know what they were, then joked we hoped it wasn’t whale poop or anything like that! A couple of years later, and several cups full of these tiny shells, I finally did some research and found they are called Cats Eyes and they are a semi-precious stone. Well, that’s cool – God just has them laying on the beach free to pick up. But what ARE they…that was the question.  A little more research and I found out they are Operculum. And talk about God not wasting anything. When I was a little girl growing up in southern California, I loved following the little silver trail left on the sidewalk by snails after a rainstorm. When I caught up with one, I would pick it up as quickly as I could to watch it’s body retreat back into the shell and quickly hide behind the little trap door. Well, these lovely little Cat’s Eyes – the Operculum – are the little trap door. The snails in this case have long ago become a tasty morsel for starfish. The outer shell has been transformed into grains of sand. Now all that is left is this tiny lovely disk. God’s incredible plan has taken this less than attractive creature and transformed it into something beautiful. He has made a way for it to grow past it’s past so to speak! Now it shimmers and shines and reflects the sunlight in such a way that it stands out from all the little bits of broken shells on Paia beach. As believers in Jesus Christ this is how we are to be. Once we were less then lovely. But now we have fallen into His arms! We have been refined, repurposed, and reborn as a precious jewel of the King. Glory to God!

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  1. Monica Fazio

    I just love this!!

  2. Cari, you always show us the unexpected. I love your posts.

  3. HE uses it all for His glory. How those operculum have blessed all with whom you have shared them.

  4. Just finished reading “What Has God Already Provided”. This is a great book for “such a time as this” ! The modern family is torn apart with busy schedules and going in all different directions. This book helps bring a family back together for a special time of remembering what is really important! When all is said and done, will your kids remember your mom got you to the soccer game on time or your God story that changed your life!!

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