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raindropsThe other day as we were driving we were hit by one of the worst rain storms Ted and I have ever been in.

Well, I’m just sitting there praying us home safely as we drive and watching the rain drops on the windshield.  I love to watch them scurry along trying to dodge the wiper, but the wiper always wins no matter how quickly they move.  So, I’m watching them, and out of the corner of my eye I notice movement on my right side.  I look and see very large drops sliding along the side window…they are just dancin’ and no two take the same exact path.  So I got to studying them…where they came from and how they are formed.  Because they are WAY bigger than a single drop.  And I didn’t really have anything else to do anyway.

So I’m watching them and see that they come from the door frame as it slopes down at the front of the door.  Here they are battling against the forward motion of the car and yet still hanging on and making their forward progress down the slope of the window frame.  Gravity is stronger than the rain at this point, I guess.

Then it happened…the insight God had me there for.  As a single drop they are not brave or strong enough to take the leap onto the window and go on that merry ride…they need buddies.  So as they slide down the door frame slope one drop meets up with another drop and they join together – now moving even faster down the hill…the oncoming wind seems no match for their combined weight.  But still they are not strong to take the wild trip across the window.  So, those two drops join a third and suddenly they are Big and Strong and Able…they Leap off the door frame and take this joyous, hectic, terrifying but exhilarating ride across the side window.  Oh, you should see them…I swear I heard giggling and weeeeee.

And then it hit me…this is Friendship.  This is Christ, Ted and me making day to day reflect His grace.  This is my two besties coming along side me when I need a push in the right direction.  This is volunteers joining together to do far more than they could accomplish on their own.  It is courage for the dance of life.  This is Friendship.

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Cari is a respected women’s Bible teacher, curriculum writer, and retreat and conference speaker. She has a unique way of bringing the ancient truths of the Bible to life and helps others to see His truth through her animated story telling style. Cari has been married 47 years to “One Great Greek”. They have 3 kids, 3 kids-in-love and 8 Amazing Grands.

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  1. Best word picture ever. Every time I see rain drops on my window, I think we are stronger together

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