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bird-386812_640I don’t know why, but I’ve always enjoyed a watering hose in my hand. Whether it’s a garden or just the grass, I love the sound, feel, coolness and experience of a watering hose.

Not too long ago I was out watering my vegetable garden (Don’t get be impressed, it’s only three feet wide and ten feet long). The seedlings were still young, so I was watering it with a fine mist from about 15 feet away. Suddenly a hummingbird appeared and began darting in and out of the droplets of water. Maybe he was testing the pressure. Before I knew it he was bathing in the sprinkles. Exposing his chest, then turning around to get his back. In the way of a hummingbird, just hanging there letting the water drip off his feathers.

After a few minutes he flew up onto a small branch to shake himself off, ducking his head under his wings and wiping his beak. But then back he came for another round in the shower. This went on for about 20 minutes – my thumb was numb from holding the spray just so, but I wasn’t going to be the one to end this encounter.

Finally, it was over and he darted back over the wall. I was enthralled by the time I spent with that hummingbird. I am sure this was a gift from my Gracious Lord that morning. Just the Father showing off His majesty in a small tiny hummingbird. Thanks, Daddy.

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Cari is a respected women’s Bible teacher, curriculum writer, and retreat and conference speaker. She has a unique way of bringing the ancient truths of the Bible to life and helps others to see His truth through her animated story telling style. Cari has been married 47 years to “One Great Greek”. They have 3 kids, 3 kids-in-love and 8 Amazing Grands.

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  1. The image of this little hummingbird darting in the water drops and coming back for more, well makes me smile. Thank you, Cari for the reminder of how like that little hummingbird, I need the drops from the water, but also the communion from our Gracious Lord often, not just now and then.

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